Worship Schedule

Absolution and Communion

All services are cancelled while the “stay at home” order is in effect. However, we will be offering a “rolling Communion” on Sunday. Pastor will have the Lord’s Supper prepared from 9:00 AM until noon for those who would like to receive it. During that time, we will continue to practice social distancing for safety’s sake. Only one person will be allowed up to the altar to receive Absolution and Communion.  If someone is already at the altar, please stand to the side and wait until you are called.

Virtual Services

During this time that we cannot come together to Worship together, we will provide digital content. We encourage you to join us in prayer and praise, even to sing along with the hymns with the linked bulletin, which contains the full content of the service. You can find these materials on the Virtual Services page.

Sunday Morning Worship Schedule (cancelled until further notice)

9:15 AM Sunday School
(children in parish house, adults in sanctuary)

10:30 AM Divine Worship Service